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League of Legends

Our League of Legends team has led the Verdant brand since our beginnings. We’ve risen from the third division of the NLC all the way to the first division and competing in the EMEA Masters! We’re the most successful British organisation currently competing in the NLC and regularly represent our region on the highest stage of the European Regional Leagues.


Juho Janhunen

Nille joined Verdant in December 2022 and immediately put his mark on the league as we upset the odds to take 2nd place in the NLC Spring Split. After Spring and our run representing our region in the EMEA Masters, Nille signed an extension for the rest of 2023. During this time he helped us achieve third place in Summer Split and is looking to take home the crown in the Aurora Cup!


William Andersson

Sn1lle has competed within the NLC region since 2021 for various Division One and Two organisations. Most known for his almost two year stint with the same roster under both Nativz and Partizan, winning promotion to NLC Division One under Nativz and then reaching EMEA Masters Play-ins in both Spring and Summer with Partizan. Following Summer 2023, he signed on with Verdant to compete against many of his former teammates on Nativz in the Aurora Cup.


Erol Bajramovic

Erolle joined Verdant in December 2022, as our rookie midlaner. Surrounded by veterans, he excelled with his highly mechanical plays that single-handedly won us several key games. Alongside Nille, he finished 2nd in Spring Split before competing at the EMEA Masters. In September 2023, he rejoined Verdant for the Aurora Cup where he plans to take the title!


Rodrigo de Oliveira

FlickeR, the 18 year old ADC, has only played professionally since Summer 2022 but has an impressive resume nonetheless. Starting his career with GTZ Bulls, where he got to Playoffs in his first split. From there he's won both Ultraliga 2nd Division with Lotus Gaming and Elite Series with 7AM and current teammate Erolle. The duo has joined Verdant for the Aurora Cup where FlickeR is looking to make it three titles in a row!


Gary Clarke

FGG joins us after three successful splits with eSuba in Hitpoint Masters, winning their Winter Cup, 2nd in Spring and 3rd in Summer. Prior to that he competed for many splits in the NLC region under top organisations such as Excel, Dusty and Resolve.


Harry Sandford

ATN has signed on for a third split in a row, however for the first time has taken the step up to be the Head Coach of a Division One team. He's been with Verdant all year working as a Strategic Coach in both Spring and Summer where we came 2nd and 3rd respectively. Prior to working with Verdant, ATN spent time at EGN in Portugal and Munster Rugby Gaming in NLC 2nd Division.
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