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Verdant, are excited to officially announce a partnership with eNDX, the player trading platform. This partnership brings promising opportunities for both Verdant, eNDX and fans.

eNDX: A new fantasy trading game

eNDX is a revolutionary new fantasy trading game where esports fans can buy, sell and collect virtual in-game ‘shares’ from their favorite esports players. Purchases and sales of these virtual shares, whilst they provide no actual ownership or control over the Players, serve to create a fun interactive game in which the prices of those in-game shares or ‘In-Game Shares’ fluctuates based entirely on the total trader demand for each particular player. Become an esports trader and use your knowledge to buy and sell your holding to try increase your capital. The platform is powered by your passion, knowledge and skill. At eNDX we believe in moving the power back to the players and their fans, by directly connecting the two using our platform.

Every time you purchase new in-game shares you are directly providing funds to the Players and their Teams. The subsequent trade of those eNDX ‘shares’ is made possible by means of a world-class matching engine, built using exchange-grade software already used within multiple global marketplaces. Unlike betting businesses, eNDX only lists players on teams that have requested they be included on our Platform, and after our platform fees any purchases directly go to help support both the players and their teams.

John Pritchard, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at eNDX, said:

We are super excited to further our reach into the world of UK Counter-Strike during our partnership with Verdant, Verdant is one of the fastest growing UK brands within esports, so a collaboration with them became a no-brainer for us. With a roster involving some well respected name in UK CS, we are sure this partnership will help elevate the already thriving local Counter-Strike scene to new heights.

John PritchardHead of Marketing and Partnerships, eNDX

Sam Cunningham, Managing Director of Verdant, added:

Our collaboration with eNDX marks a pivotal moment in our journey as we become a force in UK Counter-Strike. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovation and fan engagement and we're excited to see where it takes us. We are keen to see our fans get their hands on the platform and show their CS knowledge off!

Sam CunninghamVerdant Managing Director
Sam Cunningham

Managing Director of Verdant