After the cancellation of the UKEL and UKLC in late 2021, Verdant pivoted to enter the NLC Calibration tournament. We brought in a team of Division One players who we felt could take us to our goal of NLC Division 2 and they did just that!

Verdant NLC Calibration Squad:

Søren 'Lunddorf' Lunddorf
Frank 'Aesthetic' Norqvist
Jadran 'Jadran' Belic
Jo 'Yusa' Cortez
Dennis 'Forsaken' Kroes
Javier 'Pinkmin' Fernández Galindo (Sub)
Ryan 'Ryan' Smith (Sub)
Finn-Lukas 'Don Arts' Salomon (Stand-in)

We began with the Swiss Stage of the calibration where we played 8 games and won 7 of them, finishing joint 2nd out of 124 teams. We were then placed into the Divison 2 Qualifier Upper Bracket, facing off against Typical Boosted Animals (TBA). We overcame TBA taking two maps to one, putting us through to Upper Bracket Round 2.  Having reached Upper Bracket Round 2, we were expecting to play Viperio. However, Viperio failed to appear and as such, we received a default 2-0 win taking us to the Upper Bracket Final.  We took on Fl∅ng and fought a close best of three, losing 2-1.


Despite the loss to Fl∅ng, this was not the end of the road for us as we dropped down to the Lower Bracket Final taking on a familiar foe in Typical Boosted Animals. This time, however, the players really stepped up and took a quick 2-0 victory. Thus cementing our place in NLC Division 2!