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Verdant Esports are gearing up for the NLC Aurora Cup with a talent-filled roster. With the tournament just around the corner, everyone is eager to see how this lineup will perform against all the teams the NLC has to offer.

Verdant Esports has made a statement with its NLC Aurora Cup roster, handpicking players who bring a unique blend of experience, skill, and talent to the table.

Introducing the All-Stars

Leading the charge in the top lane is Juho ‘Nille’ Janhunen, a formidable force with a track record of dominating his lane. Nille’s ability to create pressure on the map and dictate the pace of the game will be pivotal to Verdant’s success.

In the jungle, William ‘Sn1lle’ Andersson stands tall coming off of a fantastic year with Partizan Esports in the EBL. His exceptional mechanics and game knowledge make him a jungler to watch out for, capable of turning the tide of any match.

Erol ‘Erolle’ Bajramovic takes the mid-lane, returning to Verdant having gained significant experience from a title-winning season in the ESLOL. His ability to outmanoeuvre opponents and clutch up team fights will be critical in Verdant’s quest for glory.

Rodrigo ‘FlickeR’ de Oliveira takes up the AD Carry role, promising to be the consistent damage dealer Verdant needs. FlickeR’s positioning and team fighting skills make him a formidable presence in the late game.

Gary ‘FGG’ Clarke, the highly experienced support player, rounds out the bot lane duo. FGG’s tactical prowess and ability to create opportunities for his team cannot be underestimated.

Guiding the Stars

Behind this stellar roster is Harry ‘ATN’ Sandford, the head coach who will mould these individual talents into a cohesive, championship-contending team. With years of experience in the competitive League of Legends scene, ATN’s guidance and strategic acumen will be crucial as Verdant aim to make a deep run in the NLC Aurora Cup. Head Coach, Harry Sandford had this to say on the final split of the year:

Me and the boys are super happy to be representing Verdant in the winter cup. For me personally its been a year filled with success with the org, and our sights are firmly set on closing out the year in style, hunting for a title and really cement ourselves on top of the NLC

Harry SandfordHead Coach

High Expectations and Excitement

With a roster that combines proven veterans and rising stars, Verdant Esports is primed for success in the NLC Aurora Cup. While the ultimate outcome remains uncertain, one thing is guaranteed: Verdant’s journey through the tournament will be filled with electrifying moments and intense battles that League of Legends enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars and get ready to support our roster as they chase greatness in the NLC Aurora Cup.

Sam Cunningham

Managing Director of Verdant