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In a major development for Verdant’s Counter-Strike roadmap, they are pleased to announce the acquisition of the formidable UK-based roster, THE FREE. This move marks Verdant’s step back into the UK Counter-Strike scene after a short stint earlier this year.

Verdant CS boasts some of the brightest talents in the UK Counter-Strike scene, and the agreement sees them sign with Verdant on a long-term deal. The lineup includes:

  • Tom ‘arTisT’ Clarke
  • Matas ‘Extinct’ Strumila
  • Callum ‘Girafffe’ Jones
  • Andrew ‘Wolfie’ Allan
  • Mohamad ‘Ducky’ Nourelden

This group of talented players has consistently demonstrated their skill and determination on the CS:GO stage, making them a force to be reckoned with. The acquisition of THE FREE’s roster is a clear statement of Verdant’s ambition to compete at the highest level of UK CS and to push into the Tier One European scene.

A Coach with a Vision

Backing this exciting roster is Ciaran ‘biscu’ King, who serves as the team’s coach. Biscu brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the table, which will be crucial in fine-tuning the team’s gameplay and helping them reach their full potential. Speaking on signing with Verdant, Ciaran ‘biscu’ King had this to say:

It's my honour and pleasure to continue to work with this team and now with Verdant to push the roster to do things we haven't done before and to go places as a team we never believed we would. Our rather uncommon narrative continues for more interesting chapters as CS2 is upon us, It's my belief this is a unique opportunity for our roster to reset the table in our advantage in our journey for success, we will continue as ever to break expectations and to succeed now that we're with willing collaborators in Verdant.

Ciaran KingVerdant CS Head Coach

A Thriving UK Scene

With both Viperio and Into The Breach qualifying for the BLAST Paris RMR, the performances of these teams underscore the growth of the UK CS scene. After Verdant’s short-lived initial entry into the UK scene, they committed to supporting it for the long term. This acquisition by Verdant not only fulfils that promise but arguably over-delivers given the step up this roster represents. When speaking to, Verdant’s Founder and Managing Director discussed their commitment to UK CS:

When approaching our search for a new CS roster, we made a commitment to return with a UK core as it’s important to us to be a part of why UK CS will continue to thrive. Verdant’s Counter-Strike division is a long-term project for us and more importantly so is this roster, but we’re already seeing why this team are so highly rated in the UK scene.

Sam CunninghamVerdant Managing Director

A Promising Future

With Verdant’s backing, THE FREE’s roster has a bright future ahead. As they embark on this new chapter in their esports journey, fans and enthusiasts can expect thrilling matches and intense competitions as Verdant aims to make its mark on the CS2 scene.

Verdant’s acquisition of THE FREE’s roster is a testament to their commitment to fostering talent and competing at the highest level. As they prepare for upcoming CS2 tournaments, fans and the esports community will be watching closely, eager to see how this roster performs in their new home under the Verdant banner. This partnership has all the ingredients for success, and it’s only a matter of time before we witness the magic unfold on the CS2 stage.

Sam Cunningham

Managing Director of Verdant