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Verdant is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Counter-Strike 2 roster, the formidable Rémi ‘Diviiii’ Alexandre.

Despite winning Insomnia 72, the progression of the roster was not developing in the direction initially hoped. This meant changes had to be made and with this we agreed to mutually part ways with Doron ‘Zax1e’ Prizent as well as a role swap for our IGL Tom ‘ Art1st’ Clarke to being a Rifler. This opens up the position of AWP, which former LDLC player Rémi ‘Diviiii’ Alexandre will be taking up. Verdant CS2 Head Coach had this to say on the changes:

The team has not performed as well as it can and should, so changing the roles and acquiring an awper I believe will be what allows this roster to hit the high levels of performance I know that it can. Remi is enormously skilled and will add a sharp new dynamic to the roster, I and the team are very excited to get started on this journey with him, céad míle fáilte Rémi!

Ciaran "Biscu" KingVerdant CS Head Coach

After signing with us, we asked Rémi for his thoughts:

I want to say thank you for the opportunity that you've given me, playing in a team with such experienced players like Artist that was awping will give me a lot of knowledge and I'm eager to make Verdant proud!

Rémi "Diviiii" AlexandreVerdant CS Player

With the addition of Rémi, also means significant changes with the way the roster plays as Tom “Art1st” Clarke will be moving onto the Rifle. Here’s what Tom had to say on these changes:

I've thought about transitioning to a different role to better help the team in various previous editions of any roster I've awp'd and IGL'd, I'm confident in my own ability to fulfil this new role to a high standard. Until recently it had never been possible to acquire an awper of the quality and experience required to allow the team to do so. That's why we're extremely excited at the prospects of Remi joining us, he absolutely has the quality and experience we are looking for and nevermind the fact he's an extremely impressive player and person.

Tom "Art1st" ClarkeVerdant CS Captain

With Rémi now a part of Verdant, the future looks brighter than ever. We are excited to embark on this new chapter together and eager to see what we can accomplish as a team.  You’ll be able to watch the new-look roster in action today in ESEA Advanced!

Sam Cunningham

Managing Director of Verdant