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As a company, Verdant was born in April 2021 and has teams competing in both League of Legends and Counter-Strike 2. Our distinct brand identity highlights our commitment to achieving competitive success and creating a strong positive environmental impact.

Our Mission

Alongside delivering competitive success for our fans, we’re passionate about shining a spotlight on environmental issues and ensuring our actions positively impact the planet!

Competitive Nature

We are the most successful British organisation currently competing in the Northern League of Legends Division One as well as having one of the best teams in the UK for Counter-Strike!

Our Achievements

November 2023
1st Place
NLC Aurora Open 2023
August 2023
3rd Place
ESL Premiership Autumn 2023
August 2023
3rd Place
NLC 1st Division Summer 2023
July 2023
5-6th Place
July 2023
5-8th Place
EMEA Masters Spring Play-In
March 2023
2nd Place
NLC 1st Division Spring 2023
October 2022
3rd Place
NetParty Fyn 2022
September 2022
NLC 2nd Division Promotion Series Summer 2022
August 2022
1st Place
NLC 3rd Division Summer 2022
April 2022
3rd Place
Insomnia 68
March 2022
NLC Calibration