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Verdant Triumphs in NLC Aurora Cup

In a thrilling culmination of weeks of intense competition, Verdant has emerged victorious in the NLC Aurora Cup, etching their name in the annals of Northern League of Legends Championship history. This win is the culmination of a year-long push for a title, having finished 2nd and 3rd in Spring and Summer respectively!

A Journey to Remember

The NLC Aurora Cup, featuring some of the finest organisations in Northern Europe, provided the perfect battleground for Verdant to showcase their mettle.  The team’s roster, comprising Juho ‘Nille’ Janhunen, William ‘Sn1lle’ Andersson, Erol ‘Erolle’ Bajramovic, Rodrigo ‘FlickeR’ de Oliveira, Gary ‘FGG’ Clarke, and the guiding hand of Coach Harry ‘ATN’ Sandford, proved to be an unstoppable force throughout the tournament only dropping a single game.

Coach ATN’s Guiding Hand

Behind every successful team is a visionary coach, and Harry ‘ATN’ Sandford played a pivotal role in Verdant’s triumph. His strategic insights, meticulous planning, and ability to keep the team focused during critical moments were crucial elements in Verdant’s path to victory. He had this to say:

Its really fantastic to end the year with a win. Nicklas, Nille and myself have been toiling for a trophy all year and it feels rewarding to finally achieve that together, with the help of Sn1lle, Erol, Flicker and FGG. I'm happy to be leaving Verdant with some silverware, knowing that there will be more to come.

Harry SandfordHead Coach

A New Chapter Begins

As Verdant Esports basks in the glory of their NLC Aurora Cup win, a new chapter unfolds for the organization. The triumph solidifies their position in the European esports scene but also sets the stage for the year to come!

Sam Cunningham

Managing Director of Verdant